Ink Factory: Bucktown Pioneer

You talk. We draw. It's awesome.

A simple motto from Ink Factory describing the incredibly complex skill of graphic recording. Their visual recordings of live speaking events help folks from companies big and small retain more information. This small team of ink'd all-stars travel the globe, their client roster is deep, but they feel right at home in Bucktown.


Located a few block north of the 606 on Milwaukee Ave, Ink Factory's space is a perfect representation of the team's approach to their work. Light-hearted, creative, clever, and effective. Even the studio pup, Whisky, has his very own nook.


Learn why Bucktown is so important to their work:

What excited you about Bucktown?

Awesome location, not too crowded. Outside of the loop hustle.

How does Bucktown support your passions?

Approachable rent and space. It's gritty and energetic.

How has Bucktown evolved?

It's borders seem to have grown. Hipsters are moving north. Empty buildings are finally renovating.

if you could change ONE thing?

More trees and green space. One more month of summer!

One thing you would never change?

Ink Factory!

In five years bucktown will be...?


Got any secret hangout spots in the 'hood?

Ipsento for drinks. Irazu, Goddess, Handlebar, Birchwood and Jane for food. A quick walk on the 606 or taking in all of the amazing graffiti while strolling the neighborhood.

Interested in learning more about Ink Factory? Contact them here or just attend one of the many events they host in their beautiful space.

Are you a neighborhood pioneer?

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